ISO27001 Solutions: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the ‘Get a Little Help’ and ‘Get a Lot of Help’ packages include online training only, or are there options for attending the classroom course?

The package price includes online (live) training. Prices for upgrading to attend the classroom-based courses are only available in the UK at the moment:

  • Lead Implementer: additional cost of £495 per person.
  • Lead Auditor: additional cost of £145 per person.

In-house training:

Company-based, in-house training sessions can be arranged at a location convenient for you upon request. Please contact our customer service centre on:

2. How many people from our organisation can attend the online training included in the ‘Get a Little Help’ and ‘Get a Lot of Help’ packages?

The package price for the online training is for one person. Prices for attendance by groups of two or more from the same company can be arranged at a discount. Please contact for more information.

3. How many persons from our organisation can access the vsRisk™ software and Documentation Toolkit?

  • vsRisk Standalone is a single-user licence, suitable for a desktop format, which means only one person can access the tool. You can upgrade to a multi-user licence to allow up to 10 risk assessors to use the tool simultaneously. Please visit our website to see the upgrade prices from Standalone to vsRisk Multi-user or vsRisk Network-enabled.
  • Our documentation toolkits are fit-for-purpose Word templates that are suitable for any type and size of organisation. The templates are delivered in a Microsoft Office format and compatible with versions from 2003 onwards. Each document has assigned roles and responsibilities, ownership and approval based on their document type i.e. policy, procedure, work instruction or record. The toolkit is licensed to an organisation for the implementation of one ISMS.

4. Will the online training sessions be recorded?

The format of this online training involves live online tuition and the training sessions will not be recorded. A live exam is included, and certificates will be issued upon receiving a pass rate.

5. Is the exam fee included in the course price?

Yes, the exam is included in the price, and a certificate will be issued by the International Board for IT Governance Qualifications (IBITGQ). Certificates will be sent electronically, usually 12 weeks after the course.

6. How does one take the online exam?

Delegates will be sent a link and personal login details in order to be able to access the online exam. Proctoring occurs via a Skype session.

Please visit our online training page for more information.

7. What is the duration of the exam?

The Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor exams are both 90 minutes’ long.

8. How does online consultancy work?

The consultancy is provided through a blend of delivery methods, such as telephone or conference calls, WebEx sessions, Skype chat and/or email communications. The blend of communication methods can be adjusted to meet the client’s preferred method of communications. Due to the absence of physical meetings and travel, it is possible to have more meaningful engagements, more frequently, at a fraction of the price of an in-person consultancy session.

9. What are the benefits of online consultancy?

  • We help you set the project framework and timelines so that you can manage the execution of the deliverables according to your own needs.
  • You benefit from your implementation coach’s personal leadership and knowledge.
  • The costs of extensive consultancy work, travelling and other expenses are totally eliminated.
  • Appointments take place at flexible times, and at a location convenient to you and your team.
  • There is no need to set aside a full day or book meeting rooms to host our consultants at your offices.
  • Frequent check-ins with your consultant are made possible using a variety of channels, including online chats, telephone calls, live online coaching sessions and file-sharing services (when the client uses services such as SharePoint).
  • Where necessary, our consultants can arrange for additional support for your project, which will be billed separately and agreed up front.

10. What does the certification guarantee on the Get a Lot of Help package entail?

A key aspect of an IT Governance consultancy support programme is that we guarantee our clients that they will successfully achieve certification within the timeline of the agreed project. For our Get a Lot of Help package, this guarantee is also applicable. The guarantee is subject to contract, based on the findings of the initial scoping phase, and compliance with the agreed resource and project plan. The guarantee ensures that IT Governance Ltd will meet any and all extra direct remedial costs necessary to ensure that the client passes a second and subsequent certification audit.