Information Security

Increasing numbers of companies store information of high importance or confidentiality in electronic databases. This information may vary from customers’ personal data to banking information and sensitive company data, and the impact of its loss is very high because of its importance. Such information can be protected by a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS), which contains policies and procedures that cover all legal, physical and technical controls involved.

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Information security defined

Information security is defined as the process of keeping data or information systems protected against unauthorised access, destruction, or disruption. Security professionals frequently refer to three main concepts:

  • Confidentiality - The assurance that only authorised users can access the information.
  • Integrity - The assurance that information cannot be modified without authorisation, and that any modification is detected and consistency is maintained.
  • Availability - The guarantee that information is available and that communication channels are working correctly when needed.

The protection of confidential information from competitors and black hat hackers is a critical business issue in South Africa. Failing to improve information security in your organisation may lead to permanent financial loss and reputational damage. Information security requirements are becoming an ethical and legal necessity in South Africa.


Information Security Awareness

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