Compliance - Meeting Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Wide range of regulatory requirements

There is a growing range of regulatory requirements facing the sub-Saharan African Information and IT sectors. Data Protection and Privacy, as well as computer misuse and anti-cybercrime provisions all increase the range of regulatory compliance challenges. Basel 2 and Basel 3 bring their own requirements for financial sector organisations.

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Ongoing, cost-effective compliance with PCI DSS is now a critical issue for all e-commerce merchants. IT Governance is, of course, compliant with PCI DSS v2.0 and offers a comprehensive range of books, tools and training courses to help organisations achieve and then maintain compliance.

Green IT

'Green IT' is a catch-all phrase for sustainable, eco-friendly products, services, practices and management systems used in the information and communications technology sector.
Greater environmental awareness coupled with pressures from consumers, legislators, and rising fuel costs, is pushing the IT community towards Green IT.
It is becoming progressively more important for all businesses to act (and to be seen to act) in an environmentally responsible manner, both to fulfill their legal and moral obligations, but also to enhance the brand and to improve corporate image. IT has a large part to play in all this. Increasingly, compliance requirements - ranging from the Electronic Waste Directive through to actions ot Carbon Reduction Commitments - will drive organisations to adopt Green Computing.