Designing and Transforming IT Organizations

Designing and Transforming IT Organizations

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An introductory book to the design and transformation of IT organisations.

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A guide to designing and transforming IT organisations - buy today!

Design and transform the IT in your organisation using the information in this book. It covers not only the change plan/project but also takes into account roles, responsibilities and organisational structures.

This book provides clear methods and techniques that can be used and employed in your own practice. It uses examples and case studies to illustrate how organisational change works. It charts a path to IT transformation that you can follow to achieve IT service and organisational excellence.

Failure of IT service management projects has often been due to organisational issues. There are lots of books about ITSM, but almost none about the organisational issues of implementation projects, which is where this book delivers.

The human factor receives extensive attention in the book. Everyone seems to understand that focusing on process definitions and tools is not sufficient to create a mature service organisation. But practical guidance was not easy to find, until now!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Covers key methods and techniques for IT organisational design and transformation. Using the methods in this book will help you to achieve IT excellence and make IT a contributor to the organisation's bottom line
  • Covers IT governance and maps ISO/IEC 38500 to ITIL®. This mapping will help you to align organisational goals with those of IT a lot more quickly and make the process straightforward.
  • Whereas most books cover the process aspects of delivering IT services, this book delivers extensive coverage of the 'people' factors. Only by understanding this part of delivering IT services can we delivered the adequate levels of both utility and warranty.

Author: Job ten Hagen
Publisher: TSO
ISBN 10: 0117080748
ISBN 13: 9780117080744
Pages: 220
Format: Softcover
Published Date: 16 August 2012
Availability: In Stock

Acknowledgement of Cabinet Office Copyrights

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