PRINCE2 for Small Projects - 2009 Edition

PRINCE2 for Small Projects - 2009 Edition

A guide to using PRINCE2® in small projects - buy now!

This book explains how PRINCE2 can be tailored to any size of project, starting with the smallest - buy now!

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Order this guide to managing smaller projects with PRINCE2:2009 - buy now!

This book explains how PRINCE2 can be tailored to any size of project, starting with the smallest. It takes every part of the method and shows what can be combined and how to tailor the method to avoid unnecessary overheads without losing control, but still making it clear what you want as the end result.

How small does a project or piece of work need to be before you stop using PRINCE2 to manage it? When does PRINCE2 become a bureaucratic overkill? How can I manage a job that is too small to be called a project? How much PRINCE2 do I use to manage a project with only a couple of people in it? These are the questions this book will answer!

Purchase this book as part of our Colin Bentley PRINCE2 Practitioner Bundle. The bundle is full of essential PRINCE2 reading and will help you to pass your PRINCE2 Practitioner exam then aid you with implementing PRINCE2 in your workplace.

About The Author:

Colin Bentley has been a project manager since 1966 and has managed many projects, large and small, in several countries. He has been working with PRINCE2, PRINCE and its predecessor, PROMPT II, since 1975.

He was one of the team that brought PROMPT II to the marketplace, wrote the major part of the PRINCE2 manual and is the author of all revisions to the manual until the 2009 version.

He was the Chief Examiner for PRINCE2 from its beginning until 2008 and wrote all Foundation and Practitioner exam papers and marked them until they reached the massive volumes that are sat today.

Now retired, he has had over twenty books published, lectured widely on PRINCE2 and acted as project management consultant to such firms as The London Stock Exchange, Microsoft Europe, Tesco Stores, Commercial Union and the BBC. He still writes books on the PRINCE2 method and has updated them all to reflect the 2009 version.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • A handbook of how to scale the 2009 version of PRINCE2 for smaller projects. Where you thought PRINCE2 was not a tool you could use before, now you can, using this book!
  • Written by Colin Bentley, one of the creators of the PRINCE2 methodology - making this book more authoritative than most!
  • Fully aligned with the 2009 version of PRINCE2, making this one of the few up-to-date manuals available!

Author: Colin Bentley
Publisher: Hampshire Training Consultants
ISBN 10: 0954663578
ISBN 13: 9780954663575
Pages: 73
Format: Spiral-Bound
Published Date: 1 September 2009
Availability: In Stock

Acknowledgement of OGC Copyrights

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