Web 2.0: Trends, benefits and risks (PDF E-Report)

Web 2.0: Trends, benefits and risks (PDF E-Report)

'Web 2.0' - catchphrase, genuine development or a trendier name for 'Threat 2.0'?

This best practice report from IT Governance sifts the Web 2.0 wheat from the internet chaff and identifies trends, benefits and risks

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Tackle 'Threat 2.0' today with this Web 2.0 Best Practice Report

'Web 2.0' is an increasingly widely used term. 'Social networking' is another frequently encountered concept - but what do they mean? Much of the confusion about what Web 2.0 actually is has been exacerbated by marketers using the Web 2.0 buzzword to sell new products, whether or not they really are of a new generation.

Individuals and businesses appear to use the terms interchangeably, without necessarily understanding whether they have the same or different meanings. At the same time, what are called Web 2.0 technologies are becoming pervasive; social networking sites are achieving stratospheric financial valuations and the related risks - what we call 'Threat 2.0' - are dangerously misunderstood.

Growing use of Web 2.0 sites

Part of the excitement about Web 2.0 technologies is that they have such widespread personal use. Reports show that employees are using social networking sites at work for more than half an hour each day.

A survey carried out by IT Governance Ltd in May 2008 showed that over 40% of respondents are using Web 2.0 sites for more than an hour each day. There is research (not all of which is mutually supportive) which suggests that this is especially true for the 16- to 25-year-old group.

Is much of the workforce becoming used to communicating with tools such as social networking sites in preference to traditional tools such as e-mail?

Social networking sites are part of a unique culture with its own set of rules and, in practice, social networking sites appear to be succeeding where knowledge management and collaboration projects have failed in the past.

Web 2.0 is a growing phenomenon, something of growing concern to many individuals and organisations.

Threat 2.0: Compliance, security and data protection

Web 2.0 sites do, however, have significant compliance, security and data protection challenges. While everyone embraces the technology, few people are considering the real risks inherent in the technologies. Unless people understand and take appropriate actions to deal with the risks, it's highly likely that there will be more unpleasant legal actions, more upset users, more loss of confidential information and more damage to corporate reputations.

This best practice report identifies all the ways in which providers and users of Web 2.0 technologies can act, to ensure that they comply with the growing range of applicable legislation, while protecting themselves from the very real exposure that all organisations have to Threat 2.0.

Clear best practice guidance

This 112-page best practice report from IT Governance separates the hype from the tangible reality and provides:

  1. A workable description of what 'Web 2.0' is and what it means, within the business environment, complete with a glossary of Web 2.0 terms.
  2. A description of the business benefits to be derived from Web 2.0 technologies, with examples taken from real-life case studies.
  3. An identification and discussion of 'Threat 2.0' - the information security risks inherent in Web 2.0 technologies, together with latest best-practice recommendations for mitigation.

Authors: ITG Research and Analysis Team
ISBN: 9781905356560
Format: Electronic download (.PDF 6MB)
Publication date: 10 July 2008
Availability: Now available for immediate download

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