Enterprise Architecture: A Pocket Guide

Enterprise Architecture: A Pocket Guide

Enterprise architecture is a key competency for most large organisations.

This Pocket Guide describes the purpose, role and value of architecture in the enterprise, and the makeup and skillsets of the architecture team in different business contexts. Available for ORDER now.

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Enterprise Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis: Best Practices
By Andrew N. Hiles
Business Threat and Risk Assessment Checklist (with CD-Rom)
By Edmond D. Jones, MBCP

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By Andrew N. Hiles - More than ever, the basic lesson for business managers and for business continuity professionals is: anything can happen!

This book is a guide to best practices in understanding risk and business impact. It provides essential guidance for the identification, management and control of risks confronting businesses --- What might happen? How will our enterprise be affected? What will the impact be? Answering these questions accurately and objectively is essential to Business Continuity Management, business success - and even business survival.

The helpful examples all have their roots in real cases and come heavily laden with pragmatism. Over fifteen years experience in blue chip environments, large and small, public and private, has gone into developing the methods described. Others come with a respected pedigree from a variety of industries. Your own “right way” for risk management means picking, matching and tailoring from the cases, guidance and examples provided, and building on existing best practice within your organization.

Publisher: Rothstein Associates, Inc
ISBN: 1931332126



A comprehensive threat and risk assessment provides essential information for the development of business continuity plans and safety programs and for maintaining appropriate insurance coverage for the organization. The findings are also used to identify economically appropriate mitigation measures that may be implemented to significantly reduce the probability of the occurrence of an event, or reduce the impact an event may have upon the organization.

This manual contains checklists that an individual or group may use to evaluate the threats and risks which may impact an organization’s campus, facility or even specific departments within the organization. Each of the checklists shown in this manual and a cover page that may be used to assemble your own checklists are contained on the CD that accompanies this manual.

Publisher: Rothstein Associates, Inc
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