Information Security Books, Tools and Guides

Information security is the action of protecting information. Many organisations store information which is confidential or of high importance on computers. This ‘information’ can be anything from customer details to bank information and sensitive company data. The more important the data is, the higher the risk of losing it is. Therefore an Information Security Management System (ISMS) needs to be put in place in businesses to protect this information. An ISMS contains policies and procedures that cover all legal, physical and technical controls involved. Find out more about Information Security >>

If you’re new to information security, then take a look at some of our Information Security products, including Books, Manuals, eLearning Courses and Toolkits:

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ISO 27001 do-it-yourself packagePrice: R 33 695,00 (ZAR) 
ISO27001 Do It Yourself Package

ISO 27001 get-a-little-help packagePrice: R 165 995,00 (ZAR) 
ISO27001 Get A Little Help Package

ISO 27001 get-a-lot-of-help packagePrice: R 185 000,00 (ZAR) 
ISO27001 Get A Lot Of Help Package

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